The Triglav hotel has a modern 40m2 appartment with a bedroom, kitchen, living room and a bathroom.
The appartment has a separate entrance and a terrace.
Afternoon excursion to the valley of mills

Afternoon excursion to the valley of mills

Distance: 15km Difficulty: less difficult

Along the way, you will see:

- A collection of old timers at the Habe homestead
- Wildlife pen Lamberšček
- The church of Saint Janez at Vinska Gora
- Valley of mills and the still operational Volk mill
- Snake castle
- Gril homestead and eco museum at Vinska Gora
- Sightseeing point Gonžarjeva Peč at Vinska Gora
- Cultural heritage house Polenek na Dobrni
- Ascent to Žeblarjeva Peč na Klancu and sightseeing from the top of it

- Path end and snack at the tourist farm pri Minki