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Whoever visited the green Dobrna (even for a moment), took with them the experience of natural beauty, peace of mind and proverbial kindness of people they met here.

The place which affects your body and soul benefficially, got his name from a mighty oak, called dob. In its heart is the Terme Dobrna, Slovenian oldest thermal spa, which has helped guests from near and far ease all kinds of problems with its healing water and a pleasant park for more than six centuries, even such important ones as Napoleon the First's brother, archduke Rainer and the legendary Karl May.

The culturally rich Dobrna also offers numerous traditional events, with which our local cultural societies revive the place and make sure that the tradition of our grandfathers and grandmothers does not cease to exist.

There are events taking place all through the year, the most famous being the several days lasting Night under the Chestnuts with music performances for the young and old, the vivid Millers' Sunday in the valley of mills, culinary Ana's Sunday, concert Fridays of Music Summer in Dobrna, “It's lovely here with us“ with indispensable folk singers, the Martin's Fair which unites culture and wine, and we finish the year with our obligatory outdoor New Year's Eve Party.

Dobrna is near enough to visit, and far enough to escape the everyday hustle and bustle. And right after the Dobrna sign there is the wholly renovated Triglav Inn and four-star hotel waiting for you on the left.
Have we enthused you to visit us yet?

Hotel,gostilna Triglav
Dobrna 12
3204 Dobrna
T: +386 3 78 011 30
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