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Triglav in the middle of Dobrna
The Triglav hotel tells the story of people, who arrive happy and leave satisfied – it was built in 1932 and renovated in 2014. The Triglav hotel has everything a hotel needs for a cozy rest and well-being of its guests: a modern reception, an inn with top culinary offer, a pavillion, a parking lot, free wireless network to connect with the world and above all, a well trained and kind team, who will take care of you from your arrival. It is located in the center of Dobrna and offers easy access to all the natural and cultural attractions of the place – and just 200 meters further there is the oldest working thermal spa in Slovenia, Terme Dobrna. "The nights you will never forget."

Hotel, gostilna Triglav
Dobrna 12
3204 Dobrna
T: +386 3 78 011 30
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Distance: 15km Difficulty: less difficult

Along the way, you will see:
- A collection of old timers at the Habe homestead
- Wildlife pen Lamberšček
- The church of Saint Janez at Vinska Gora
- Valley of mills and the still operational Volk mill
- Snake castle
- Gril homestead and eco museum at Vinska Gora
- Sightseeing point Gonžarjeva Peč at Vinska Gora
- Cultural heritage house Polenek na Dobrni
- Ascent to Žeblarjeva Peč na Klancu and sightseeing from the top of it
- Path end and snack at the tourist farm Pri Minki